Climate Futures brings climate protection to the blockchain! By purchasing the 1PLANET token you support clean energy and forest conservation projects.

The 1PLANET token allows you to easily:

  • fight climate change and support environmental projects,
  • offset the climate impact of your business and lifestyle, and
  • access the global market for carbon credits.

The Climate Futures team has been working with climate projects around the world for 20 years and are experts in reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Their token is the first to be backed by carbon credits from their own portfolio of climate projects, which are independently approved and verified.

With the enormous energy consumption and CO2 emissions the crypto-community is generating, CF token provides a solution to this growing environmental impact while bringing the benefits of emissions trading to the blockchain.


The Climate Futures team will calculate the negative climate impact that the WBF conference creates from the carbon emissions (CO2) related to the participants’ travel, accommodation, and the venue itself. 

Once the amount of CO2 emissions are known they will retire (or burn) a similar amount of 1PLANET tokens to offset the impact and make the conference climate neutral. In this case they plan to offset the CO2 emissions with their Isangi forest conservation project in the Congo Rainforest. This project is a converted logging concession of 184,000 hectares that now protects a critical center of biodiversity that hosts 11% of the world’s known bird species. It supports threatened and endangered species such as leopards, forest elephants, the Bonobo chimpanzee, dwarf crocodiles, hornbills, and even rare bats. The project also helps the local population living in 30 isolated villages practice forest conservation while also providing improved farming techniques and support for local schools and medical services. The project is independently verified by the Rainforest Alliance to the highest standards available.

For more information on Climate Futures visit climatefutures.io
Photo credits: Climate Futures LLC & Jadora LLC